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Send your short run orders or estimates to : [email protected]

Envelopes are printed one color (Black Ink Only) on one side with NO bleed and multiple sizes to choose from. There is no printing on the back side.

Paper Options:

  • House Paper:
  • 24# Uncoated Offset Smooth Text is our normal house stock

Turnaround Time:

  • 2-3 Days

Note: Turnaround time begins from the time of proof approval.

Custom Estimates:

  • For custom orders or quantities over 25,000, please contact us for a custom estimates.

The Cheap Color Envelopes for Your Sales or Marketing Letters

You can have the cheap color envelopes customized and printed for just a minimum of 1000 pieces. The colored envelopes are printed on one size with solid black ink. In terms of the size, this item has over 10 variations that you can choose from.

USA Printing Trade’s custom envelopes are made of high quality uncoated text paper that allows the printing to be very smooth and even on every sheet. The black ink we use can stand out on any of the item’s colors. The texture of the paper is designed especially for the kind of ink we use for this. The envelope printing requires having no bleed as this is the best way to get the great printing with no messy portions at all. With just 2-3 day turnaround, you can have even up to 25,000 pieces printed. However, we can also accommodate the cheap color envelope in quantities over 25,00 and please just call us for a special quote and details for such custom-printing job.

The Cheapest Prices For 1 Color Envelopes Printing in Los Angeles